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Are Backlinks Still Relevant for SEO After All the Google Algorithm Updates?

Posted byDan Radak

October 31st 2017

Are Backlinks Still Relevant for SEO After All the Google Algorithm Updates?

In a nutshell, yeah.

But let’s elaborate on that, shall we?

We all have a kind of love-hate relationship with Google, mainly because it’s the source of life for the online universe, but again, we just tend to hate the bugger because it can be a real pain in the neck.

How do we suffer because of Google, I hear you asking?

Because Google is constantly dishing out changes to its algorithm, making you work harder to retain your rankings and stripping you of your badge and gun if you make a mistake.

Just remember the infamous Penguin update.

With the recent changes everyone’s favorite search engine has introduced, the problem of backlink relevancy has started to permeate the digital marketing industry in the new, eerily Skynet-like, world.

Is creating a backlink portfolio still the best SEO strategy businesses should invest in?

Yes. But the rules of the game have changed.

In the world of advanced algorithms that scrutinize every piece of content that finds its way to the web, digital marketers have realized that the only way to add to the SERP positions of their clients is to earn links organically.

Simply put, we live in a world of link earning, as opposed to link building.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Ascend in 2015, 72% of marketers have stated that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic for steering organic traffic to your website and elevating your rankings.

Creating relevant content will earn you a link naturally, instead of you having to create it manually or sponsor it (which is always the worst option), bringing us back yet again to the age old adage – Content is King.

So how do you earn your backlinks and ensure your place at the top of the search results page?


But first you have to change your mindset.


Link Earning for the Win

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to worry about publishing inconspicuous links on other websites, but rather being rewarded with a link to your domain by a leader in your industry?

All because of your invaluable and selfless contribution to their blog. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Well that’s what link earning is all about.

You can’t expect Google to tolerate your incessant link building all over the web anymore, no my friend, the rules have changed, so you need to pursue reputable websites to associate your business with, or else you’re going to be slapped with a fine taking you down the search results page.

However, if you do it right, if you manage to earn a link by guest posting on reputable domains in the industry, the rewards will be great.

So much so, that link earning can build up your own brand authority online and increase your website traffic tremendously. And traffic, if used correctly, means conversions.

Guest posting on authority websites in your industry and especially in your own niche is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness and pave the road to long-term online success through quality content that will eventually dub you the new leading resource in the field.

Rather than posting anywhere and everywhere, concentrate on quality, intent, and relevance within your industry, in order to earn links and traffic, rather than risk Google knocking you out with a one-two punch.

Now that you’re all hyped about links with green dollar symbols twinkling in your eyes, let’s move onto the methods that will help you earn organic links.

Drop the Mic

In a world where content is still king, millions of competitors will be fighting for the throne.

So naturally, in order for your content to reign supreme, it needs to deliver unparalleled quality across the board, boasting relevant information of stellar importance for the audience, invaluable industry insights that trump all other information out there, and of course, regular upkeep in order to remain relevant.

Essentially, when you drop the mic, you need to make sure nobody dares to pick it up again.

Creating stellar content that generates a ton of backlinks is never an easy task, especially given the fact that everyone is competing for a slice of the proverbial cake.

Be sure to read this article on how to create killer content that generates links like crazy in order to ascend to the content throne.


Publish my Article, Pretty Please?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, guest posting on authority websites is of the utmost importance for increasing your ranking, maximizing your traffic, and raising brand awareness in the industry.

But do keep in mind that the appeal and quality of your own website needs to be second to none if you want to take advantage of this new surge in traffic, and convert visitors into paying customers.

How do you do that? Create more quality content. Content that will hook people and inspire them to fall in love with your story.

So while you should guest blog as much as possible, be sure not to neglect your website in the process.

Free Stuff for Everyone!

If there is anything people love more than standing in queues, it’s getting free stuff.

One of the best and most effective ways to raise your brand awareness and get the internet talking about you is to offer them something of true value, but free of charge.

So think trials, insights, hacks, templates, physical products, etc.

Soon, you will find that you’re not only gaining traffic, but that people are coming for the free stuff and staying for the quality of your brand.

In return, you might ask for a brand mention on their social media profiles, a selfie with one of your products and a subsequent shout-out, you might ask them to like and follow you page, subscribe to your mailing list – the possibilities are endless.


Generate Buzz with Online Contests

Finally, have you ever seen women jumping for the bridal bouquet at a wedding?

Or men fighting to catch the ball at a baseball game?

Absolute carnage.

But a valuable lesson as well, telling you that people love to compete for a prize.

It rarely matters what it is, as long as they can win it!

This, my dear reader, is the perfect opportunity to raise you brand awareness to new heights, create a lot of buzz on social media, and drive audience engagement.

To help promote your campaign and your visibility on the web, reach out to your micro influencers and ask them to spread the word about your contest.

This will give them the opportunity to promote themselves within your campaign and tell other people how awesome you are as well.

It’s a win-win situation!

I hope you’ve found this article informative enough to start re-strategizing your SEO tactics.

I will be in the comments section, waiting for your merciless scrutiny.

Just kidding, I got things to do, but do post a question and I will make sure to get back to you ASAP.