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How Can I Find Affordable SEO Services For My Small Business?

Posted byFervil Von

February 1st 2018

How Can I Find Affordable SEO Services For My Small Business?

SEO, like any other marketing funnels, can make or break your small business from its startup stage.

Most startup business owners who have found their way online – the ones who decided to create their own websites and brand online – may have tapped information about SEO or how to rank in Google and somehow acknowledged that SEO is a good medium to get substantial income online.

And even though these small companies have a faint idea about SEO, they prospectively understand that SEO could bring their business to the next level.

Understanding SEO is one thing.

The competition through online marketing is getting extreme and your brand has to resonate its online presence lest you’ll be toppled down.

The question you need to settle next is how to find affordable SEO services for your small business.

Essentially, what business owners need to understand is that there is no one-size-fits-all SEO service for every business.

Each SEO campaign is distinctively designed to the niche/industry and requirement for their business.

Once a friend approached me to ask how much I charge for my SEO service and have opened up a ballpark of $300 total budget for the business.

Without any hesitation, I respectfully turned down the offer simply because I cannot give the small business the results they need for that initial budget.

I took a glimpse of the website’s SEO to draw some data about its performance and saw that there are a lot of things to be done on the backend and there is a lot of catching up to do.

When it comes to SEO, a lot of business owners would first consider the costs.

However, they fail to see that SEO has a direction and specific goals that their businesses can’t do without.

How Badly Do You Want To Thrive In The Organic Search?

Small business owners need to enlighten themselves about the pricing of SEO.

Base on my experience, those small business owners who are willing to spend somewhere around $250 to $499 only for an end-to-end service may fall under these circumstances:

  • They are really tight on their marketing budget
  • Not sure how much to shell out
  • Recently learned the SEO benefits
  • Tried SEO in the past but have not received progressive results on their campaign
  • Just lazy to do it on their own

But with that kind of budget range, the rate of failing is high so I strongly suggest you use that budget to:

  • Learn SEO yourself
  • Buy SEO tools to help you mobilize a minute SEO campaign
  • Spend on SEO consulting

cheap seo services

Your SEO partner will become your small business’ marketing arm. If you would give him a broomstick and let him fight with a competitor who’s equipped with a gun, it will be a disaster.

Put it this way, if you’re in a competitive industry such as real estate, finance, law or health, your competitors have gone years ahead of you in SEO and now probably spending around 5-figure USD or hired an in-house team to solely focus on their SEO.

How could you contest with your limited SEO budget?

Best Alternative to a Limited SEO Budget

While SEO is undeniably an indispensable channel for web traffic, legit SEO practitioners may be way over the budget for startups.

Good thing there are affordable SEO strategies within your means.

If you are a small business owner who yearns SEO benefits for your company but have limited budget to hire a competent SEO provider, don’t fret.

That’s totally okay.

Here are some pointers you can use to start your own SEO campaigns. If you are up for challenging and affordable SEO marketing strategies, keep on reading.

DIY SEO Campaigns

Every time you want to save up, may it be on home renovation or a grand party, most people will suggest DIYs.

There are three reasons why you ought to try DIY SEO. First is that it is budget friendly.

Secondly, you get to see firsthand measurable results.

Third, if you welcome challenges, then you’ll find SEO more interesting.

There are thousands of pages in the web which offers step by step SEO tutorial for FREE.

With their help, you will understand how the search landscape works and the strategies that you can easily put up as a beginner in online marketing.

With constant research albeit limited resources, it’s up you on how to test drive the SEO for your local business website.

Once you get a better grasp of search engine optimization, you will eventually see the pain points of your search engine marketing.

Learning SEO will give you more insights on where to allot your resources may it be on searching for best SEO keywords, developing website content, backlinks or site design.

If you think you are having a hard time creating a blog post, hire a writer to help you out.

If you think your web design seem less attractive and your pages are slow, hire a developer to help you with your site’s performance and look.

These key components are all vital and linked together with your site’s SEO.

Learn to be patient and do not be impulsive in hiring an affordable SEO agency.

If your budget is restricted, you need to find more ways to build up the marketing funds first before partnering with an agency.

Use your company’s budget to do your own SEO testing.

There are so many things that can be done to build up your organic traffic overtime than blindly paying affordable SEO services for small business that has no direction.

Know What You Want

It’s fairly important to know your business objectives upfront before diving into SEO.

Proper SEO expert services are not cheap.

If you have decided to try DIY SEO, you must clearly define your goals and choose a strategy to get there.

It may take a while as you learn SEO on your own, but it’s better than paying cheap SEO services and get nowhere.

Do DIY SEO and be the captain of your own ship since it is you who knows where you want your business to go.

Then once you got your proper marketing budget, find SEO experts to help you steer the wheel and move things faster.

You can check out this case study on SEO pricing by Ask Your Target Market.

The data was based on 500 professional consultants and digital marketing agencies.

Although it’s a bit outdated, there’s not much changes on the quotation for good seo services over the years.

affordable seo service for small business

SEO service pricing chart by AYTM


Of course there will be some SEO specialists or digital marketing agencies which could give you templated SEO packages (x number of keywords and pages for the amount of xxx USD), it may or may not work according to what you expect. So you need to think through this before striking the bat.

The question on SEO pricing demands an answer on how fast you want to grow and how bad you want to catch up with your business competitors.

Besides, it will never be a burden to spend $1k or $2k USD on SEO services if you are getting a profit margin of $10k USD per month. Right?

You need to set aside the SEO pricing and put your eyes on the results first.

If budget is really limited, you may have to choose some SEO strategies according to your priority.

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Suggested Affordable SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Well-met! I specialize in this service and have concentrated my digital marketing strategies in developing my local small business clients’ organic traffic.

Wherever you are in the globe, if you are a local small business who might need an expert help in online marketing feel free to reach me out.

After all, your audience are just waiting to find you and what you are offering.

Be sure you don’t get behind the competition!

SEO Consultation Services

If your website demands expert advice then you can ask an SEO specialist out and pay for an hour or two of professional consultation for your business.

While this affordable SEO service may not cost much compared to actually getting people to get SEO done for you, an SEO consultation could help bring sharper marketing decisions for your small business.

It is best to bring along related questions during the consultation to make it more worthwhile.

Brilliant brains in SEO Philippines such as Jason Acidre offer premium SEO consulting as well.

SEO Training Services in Philippines

There are series of SEO seminars conducted every year. More often than not, it falls on the Ber months of every year (Sept, Oct, or Nov).

Such SEO events where topnotch SEO practitioners across the Philippines gather and discuss. These seminars include Peepcon and SEO org’s MorCon.

If you are eyeing for certifications and SEM workshops, you might opt to visit PTB Digital Training Hub (Cebu) to learn more about search engine marketing.

Link Building Services

There are SEO providers who don’t provide end-to-end SEO service but rather laser focused their energy to the part of SEO they excel the most…

Link building.

Our friends at GoBiggr and SharpRocket are among those who provide such service. If you are keen on developing custom backlinking campaigns for your website, I recommend you try them.

eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce is one helluvah workload but our folks at Growth Rocket can take your ecommerce development and marketing up a notch towards the top.



To get best results for your business, cheap SEO service is not the only key to digital marketing success.

Understand a better concept of search engine marketing and work out a budget to launch an SEO campaign with a digital marketing agency or an SEO specialist you choose to partner with.

Shoot a list of strong questions to the SEO providers you can come across the web for you to be ready.

Compare what these providers can offer you and determine the capacity to bring in results first before taking a step to engage.

Ask them loads of questions until you are satisfied.

You’ll never know, you might even find an SEO partner who’s confident enough to bring in positive results to your business and may even offer a money-back guarantee.

Have some questions?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!