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How I Increased My Local Sales by 100% in 1 Month Without Any Online Promotion

Posted byPeter Ellington

March 1st 2018

How I Increased My Local Sales by 100% in 1 Month Without Any Online Promotion

When I first started in internet marketing – I was trying to get as much traffic as possible because I thought more traffic was always better.

I was wrong.

I soon started to realise that not all traffic was the same kind of traffic, and that some was actually far less likely to make a sale.

I also had too many of my eggs in the Google basket – which was leaving me under threat from competition and Google algorithm changes.

Slowly but surely, I found a few ways to get more motivated traffic that was more likely to make a sale.

Some of it was still from Google – but I also started looking at other sources of traffic and thinking outside of the box to increase my marketing power.

In this article, I’m going to show you how I did it – so you can too.

Why some of my traffic was wasted traffic

When I was trying to get as much traffic as possible – I didn’t care where it was from.

What I failed to realise was that a lot of that broad traffic was wasted.

It was either from worthless sources or was made up of people who were looking for the wrong thing.

Firstly, I was targeting some rather broad keywords in an attempt to get as much traffic as possible.

These broad terms did have more searches, but they were also much harder to rank for.

Not only that – they provided people who were looking for something so vague that very few of them actually wanted what I was offering. You could even argue I was wasting my bandwidth on them.

I also made a huge and costly error when experimenting with PPC advertising.

Instead of making it clear exactly what my link was going to offer clickers, I tried to convince everyone they wanted to click through.

This is a mistake, because you’re paying for all those clicks yet lots of those people end up with something that wasn’t what they came for.

You’ve got to make these mistakes sometimes – but I learnt the hard way.

I also tried to buy spots on a few lists.

While some of these worked – you’ve really got to make sure you buy good quality list traffic, as some of it is a complete waste of money.

How to get more motivated traffic by targeting the right keywords

There’s actually an alternative to trying to rank for these broad terms that deliver unmotivated traffic – and that’s with long-tail keywords.

Not only are these easier to rank for – but they also provide you with more of the sort of visitor you want.

Add something like the current year or “discount” to your SEO keywords to fine-tune your audience.

People especially want to search for a discount when they’re just about to buy something, so you’ll be getting traffic that knows it’s about to spend money.

You’ll also want to avoid keywords that deliver people looking for a free ride, like those who add “free” to a search.

These people don’t want to spend money.

Why Google isn’t the only source of good traffic online

While Google is still the biggest player in town – it’s not the only player.

Although it has a huge market share, you shouldn’t ignore the other search engines. Some of these are untapped sources of good traffic.

But there are also other sources of great online traffic that bypass search engines altogether.

I actually started reaching out to relevant authorities in my niche offering them some content on a syndication basis.

I knew I had great content, so they were happy to republish some of it on their sites in return for a partnership and a link exchange.

Not only were they great backlinks that helped my ranking efforts – but I also got some valuable residual clicks from relevant, motivated people who were interested in my niche.

How taking my marketing efforts to the streets got me to an untapped audience

I also started hitting the streets in my local area as an extra attempt to drum up business.

I knew the internet had global reach, but the local area also offers a few key benefits.

The main benefit is that it gets you to people who might not have heard about your product or even your niche before.

If you’re in internet marketing or “make money online” type niches, you’ll often be advertising to lots of the same sort of people online.

I actually went door-to-door with flyers and got a jump on the rest of the competition.

This is how I increased my local sales by 100% in 1 month without any forms of online promotions.

Those people who got the leaflet through their door might have computers, but they also might never have been aware of the possibilities you’re offering them.

Those are the people you want to get to, and you can only do it with this sort of marketing.

People also have more trust in something they know is local, so they’ll be more willing to do business with you if they know you’re a legitimate business and where you’re located.

These tips worked for me, and they could do for you – too.

Sometimes you’ve got to think outside the box a little and find your own marketing niche to make your business a success online.