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How to Grow Your Instagram Business Account Organically

Posted byGuest

March 11th 2019

How to Grow Your Instagram Business Account Organically

Undoubtedly your business needs you to be active on Instagram — with more than 500 million users, it’s a social platform which unites you with potential customers from every corner of the world. It’s a favorite platform for both brands and the influencers. If you have a good following on Instagram and you are inclined towards making money online using your Instagram account, then this platform is right for you.

I’m not a big fan of Instagram. Why? Because of the unprofessional game of following and unfollowing happening on this platform. But being a blogger, it does play a role in getting me some traffic and regular readers for my blog. So, I decided to try my hand in building up and growing my Instagram account. Here are some of the helpful tips, that can also help you in growing your account and then you might want to make the best out of it.

Choose your niche – choosing a niche will help you in getting the appropriate following. If you love to share your travel stories, mention it in your title and description, so that people interested in reading such stuff get to know.

If a post gets significantly low likes or comments that it could be a signal to you.  Your followers can spot your posts within a few seconds without thinking about it.

Instagram plays more around media (images and videos) – Everyone loves a good visual. A beautiful sunset, a close-up of a blossoming flower or a mouth-watering in your plate. Make sure your pictures have a similar topic. What I mean here is that you should aim to post a similar type of media (an image or a video) that match your profile. Your uploads should be in sync with your profile. For example- if you have a food blogger account, your followers are expecting pictures of food stories and dishes not the images of your pet or makeup. Use the pictures which are self-explanatory and compelling enough to make people visit your profile. You may also like to add some tittle or text on the image which gives the hint of what you want to say.

There are several mobile apps which allow you to add text to your images such as Snapseed (I personally use this one).

Use and follow relevant hashtags – I love hashtags! 😀 Adding hashtags to your posts can help your post to reach right kind of audience (even those who are not following you directly. There are many people who follow hashtags on Instagram.) You should tag your posts with at least 5-20 relevant tags. For instance, if you are posting related to travel, look for the relevant and trending tags.


Apps like have been a great free tool to automatically get relevant tags in seconds. Following the hashtags can help you connect with the likeminded people and gain relevant (and genuine) followers. Hashtags can supercharge your business by reaching out to the right audience.

Upload daily– more often you post, more are the chances of growing your Instagram account. At least one post a day can help you actively reaching out more audience. After some time you will notice that your recent pictures receive much more saves and likes as your older posts.

Follow, Like and comment – You cannot always expect your posts to trend in the topmost posts as thousands of users are sharing their content, every single moment. Another great way to gain following is to visit the profiles which match your niche, follow them, like their posts and comment. Most of the people do reciprocate to your actions. This helps everyone to grow.


Let people know about your profile– just like any other business, Instagram also needs to be publicized. You need to bring your Instagram profile into the notice of people. Start with the “word of mouth” method, tell your friends, family, and acquaintances about what you are doing and ask them personally to follow you and enjoy your posts.

This will also help others to know about you and Instagram page. But, I request everyone NOT to play the insane game of FOLLOW-UNFOLLOW. This doesn’t help anyone at all.

Ask your friends for a shout-outinfluencers charge good money for giving you a shout-out, but your friends won’t. Let them know, that you are trying to grow your Instagram account from a business perspective. They can spread a “word-of-mouth within their network, which is a great way to connect with the local audience. Tell your friends about your business or a blog and your offering. If you have a product based business, you may also host giveaways to the audience.

Final Words

Be patient. No success comes overnight, and the case with Instagram is not an exemption. You cannot gain a huge following overnight and become an influencer. All this takes time and a little effort. So, play it around with this lucrative platform and enjoy the journey of becoming somebody from nobody.


About the Author

Jais is a Lifestyle blogger, compassionate, creative-writer, confident, Nature Lover, Animal Lover, an observer, a traveler on the path to self-discovery. Focused on Raising Happiness level and simplifying life. Love to Live. Live to Love. She blogs at GetSetHappy. Connect with her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram