The Power of List Building in Affiliate Marketing

Posted byIbrahim Dahy

August 31st 2016

The Power of List Building in Affiliate Marketing

List building is a very powerful marketing strategy; it can increase the sales and growth of your online business.

List building is very popular among affiliate marketers and it is one of the most important and effective selling strategies.

Collecting a list of emails (subscribers) is the first step in building your list, and it can be achieved by generating traffic to your leads capture page.

Top Selling Techniques Used By Affiliate Marketers

There are three types of affiliate marketers:

  1. Those who sell their products directly
  2. Those that sell through product reviews
  3. Those who build a list

Direct Selling with Your Affiliate Link:

If you are running paid ads on other websites or through a PPC (pay per click) network, then you can promote your affiliate link directly and sell your products.

Of course this method requires both a budget and experience with online ads to avoid wasting your money in testing.

Selling Your Affiliate Products with Product Reviews:

Many affiliate marketers choose this path.

Product reviews allows you to write a highly converting article that shows the product’s strengths and highlights its most important benefits.

After you have your product review all setup, you then drive traffic to it from different sources (i.e. SEO, Social media…etc).

Then the sales will come naturally from people reading your product reviews.

Affiliates Who Build Their List:

And there are those affiliate marketers whose main goal is to collect as much subscribers to their lists as they can.
While their focus at the start is list building, this doesn’t mean they are missing out on sales.

In the contrary, building a list of 5000 subscribers can to some degree guarantee you a 5 figure income over the course of the year.

Those affiliate marketers focus on building a long term asset that can yield its sales benefits almost immediately after they collect their list.

The good news is that you can build your list and sell through your product reviews and run paid ads all at the same time.

You won’t have to compromise one thing over the other.

How to Add List Building to Your Affiliate Website

First, you should be running your affiliate website as a blog; it gives you so many options for promoting your affiliate products.

You will be able to use different marketing strategies like list building.

Setting up your list building campaign and integrating it into your affiliate website is not hard.

First you need to have these basic things:

  • Squeeze page (free)
  • Auto responder service (monthly costs)
  • Email marketing content (free)

To collect subscribers into your list you need what is called a “leads capture” page, also known as a squeeze page or landing page.

The goal of your squeeze page is to entice your visitors to give you their emails.

This is done by offering them something of high value and for free, like:

  • Comprehensive PDF guide that provides above average insights in your niche
  • Niche relevant tools or mini course

Below is an example of a well built squeeze page:

squeeze page

To build a squeeze page like this, you need to either hire a professional web designer or use a free template.

Autoresponder service is a must in list building, and the top providers are:

  • GetResponse
  • Aweber

They are companies that handle the technical aspects of collecting, storing and sending emails.

List building is a subset of email marketing; a field which involves many technicalities, especially in sending the actual email message.

Manually sending your email message to 1000s of subscribers is not only unpractical but also technically not feasible.

You are restricted by anti-spam law which clearly state that you can’t send email to anyone unless he gave you his prior consent to do so.

So sending your email message to your subscribers from your Gmail account won’t work.

First your message will get delivered to the spam box and not to the inbox, and secondly, your Gmail daily sending quotes will run out quickly.

And that’s why you need an autoresponder service to take care of this for you.

After you have collected your list of subscribers, you will need to keep sending them content on regular basis.

This email marketing content includes newsletters that should be sent out at least 3 times a week.

Content Ideas for Your Newsletters

What you send in your newsletters is very important because it is part of what’s called “leads nurture”.

Leads nurture results in higher affiliate sales, because with every quality newsletter you send, you will be increasing the level of trust between you and your subscribers.

Affiliate marketing becomes successful only when people trust you.

They then consider you as an authority source and trust your products recommendations, and that leads to higher affiliate sales.

Showing your knowledge-depth and expertise via your newsletters is easy when you understand your niche and its problems.

I am going to show a technique to find newsletters ideas that speaks to your niche audience.

Search Google for “Your Keyword “10 comments””

keyword + 10 comments This tells Google to give us a list of niche relevant blog posts with 10 comments.

This way you can find ideas for engaging content, which is the kind of content that you need to send in your newsletters:

engaging content - content ideas

You need to write your own articles on any of these topics and then send them to your subscribers.

You need to keep your subscribers interested so that they open your newsletters and not just delete it from their email client.

Any mistake in your newsletters can lead to subscribers opting out of your list.

One of these mistakes is being overly eager to sell your affiliate products; so focus on providing value through free content first.

After 2 weeks of leads nurture you can then start recommending your affiliate product to your list and hopefully make some sales.

To Sum It All Up

If you are not building your list you are missing out on huge sales potential.

Not only does list building helps you sell more, but also it helps you build your reputation in the niche.

Start learning about list building and email marketing now.

You can do so by joining any affiliate marketing course that offers strategies for list building.