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How Social Media Can Help You Stage a Business Event

Posted byDan Radak

August 16th 2016

How Social Media Can Help You Stage a Business Event

A business event that’s not advertised can be considered dead event before it starts, even when the organizer is a well-known business name.

The options event organizers have at their disposal in this time and place create a huge number of great opportunities for smooth planning and popularization of every event.

The most prominent role in this process is played by social media, so let’s peep into the secret chamber of social media event promotion.

Special event page

You will show your business partners and other invitees that you are planning to hold a serious event if you go a few extra miles.

The first point on your to-do list should be launching a page meant only for the popularization of this specific event in every relevant social media.

This page will serve as an online notice board with the most important information about the conference and the schedule of the event.

Furthermore, make sure to add your email address to the About section, as well as the location and the address of the event venue.

Smart use of hashtags

smm for business event

If the crew from Mad Men could ask for only one marketing-enhancing tool back in the 1960s, it would most certainly be the hashtag.

This utterly simple but extremely powerful means of online communication can inform thousands of people about your event.

However, bear in mind that you need to create a unified event hashtag.

If you create a separate symbol for each and every social media you use, your promotional power will scatter and wane.

However, don’t think that your share of work is done once you’ve come up with a hashtag. On the contrary, it’s only the beginning.

You have to follow the comments under your special tag and moderate the content, to keep everything under control.

In addition, ensure that your hashtag is included in the photos and posts in every web channel you use for online promotion.

Live visual shares

Once the ceremony begins, your marketing efforts should be even stronger, so as to promote the event while it’s in progress.

Sharing photos of your invitees is a great start.

Likewise, your social media event pages will attract more visitors and clicks if the images from the spot are enriched with comments made by the invitees.

Moreover, posting videos with speakers’ lectures and speeches, as well as live statements obtained from the guests will serve a great purpose of live promotion.

Therefore, if you want to make concise but memorable videos, try using Vine shooting features.

In combination with the aforementioned hashtag and omnipresent smartphones, this marketing strategy should grasp a lot of online attention.

Groups for communication

power of social media

While chat rooms are most often useless for business purposes, groups can be an endless source of helpful options for your business needs.

Firstly, the group wall can serve as a notice board, both before and during the event.  Secondly, this group can be used as a means of discussions and communication after every day of the conference or event.

Here you can post photos and elicit visitors’ feedback.

Finally, forming a Facebook group for a conference or a similar occasion enables the organizer to dictate the pace of communication with their attendees and hold the reins of the entire event in their own hands.

In case you need help with social media groups, read this guide.

Following market trends

Business owners should be aware of the fact that the usability of social media is a pretty dynamic field. The trends are changing as we speak.

Because of that, it might happen that things that worked perfectly for your annual business conference last year have become outdated in the meantime.

For instance, we all remember the times when you were able to send your Facebook friend a virtual gift. This feature simply ceased to exist later on, mostly due to the strong expansion of emoticons and stickers.

At this moment there are also some options that experts think are redundant Facebook features, so you should stay up to date with innovations in social media, to include new trends into your future business events.

Advanced organizational features

A small business can rely only on social media, mostly because its event won’t be a big occasion, either.

However, an established mid-sized business has to take care of their image, too, which is why they should make a special page related to the event on their website.

Moreover, some companies even sell tickets or invitation cards for their events.

Such occasions usually have a crowd-funding purpose. Funds raised this way most often go to charity.

In case you decide to take that course of event organization, get a WP event ticketing system on time and ensure a safe solution for every event-related payment made on your website.

Tips for the aftermath

When your long-planned business occasion comes to an end, it’s time to analyze the results and make decisions abut your future moves.

Since you’re going to establish deeper business connections with some of the business owners that attended the show, so as to increase your revenue, social media can be a precious resource in time after the event.

By adding the chosen companies to your social media circle (or groups), your professional relationship and communication with those enterprises can be raised to a more advanced level.

Moreover, it’s important to stress out the networking potential of social media in the aftermath.

Namely, your business might be invited to businesses conferences organized by those other companies and improve your business position.

As opposed to that, neglecting the online aspect of business communication and promotion after a successfully organized professional symposium would be a terrible waste of resources and time.

When you master and start using some or all of the options from this text, you can stage a business event without any difficulties.

On the other hand, those traditional or well-off business owners can have everything outsourced and done by a separate business.

No matter what you decide to do, social media will be your little helpers in the process of organization.