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18 Time Management Tips to Show Your Team How Much You Care

Posted byEric Gordon

October 1st 2018

18 Time Management Tips to Show Your Team How Much You Care

When you see your hand-picked employees putting in long hours and working devotedly for the company, you may feel a sense of pride or accomplishment. However, you may also be concerned about your valued team members overdoing it.

Work-related stress and a poor work-life balance can unfortunately lead to burnout, health problems and general discontentment with their professional situation.

A primary step to take to combat this potentially serious issue is to help your employees find a positive work-life balance. There are numerous steps you can take in a marketing firm to facilitate this balance and to show your employees that you care about their well-being.

Depending on your role in the company, various tips may be applicable to you.

Time-Saving Tips for SEO Experts

SEO campaigns require regular oversight and refinement, so it is understandable why an SEO team may feel overworked. These are effective ways for SEO experts to improvement time management:

  1. Show your team how to break large tasks and ominous projects into baby steps. These smaller steps may seem more manageable and may be less stressful to tackle.
  2. SEO experts may waste a substantial amount of time on Internet to research for keywords and other related and vital information. Rather than use hours of time, limit each task to 30 minutes or less.
  3. Invest in automated marketing solutions. For example, social media marketing campaigns can be automated to an extent. Automation can save a substantial amount of time and energy.
  4. Implement the use of project management programs that facilitate collaboration if you have a team of SEO experts or a remote team. Some ideas are Basecamp and Slack.

Thoughtful Times to Save Time on Marketing Campaigns

The time-saving tips that are suitable for marketing campaigns vary slightly based on the activities that these professionals complete regularly. These are some thoughtful ideas that you could bring to the table:

  1. Encourage and facilitate prioritization of tasks. For example, at team meetings, prioritize the projects that your marketing team should be working on so that the most important tasks are completed first.
  2. You can also automate social media marketing efforts. In most cases, social media posts must be timed in conjunction with other marketing efforts. Automation programs can ensure that these posts are made in a timely manner and with minimal time required.
  3. Look for collaborative tools or programs that may be suitable for your work environment. For example, file sharing options, such as Google Drive, may be helpful. Remote work teams may prefer to use Slack or another collaborative program.

Effective Ways to Help Digital Marketers Save Time:

While some of the tips mentioned previously may relate to digital marketing professionals, there are a few unique tips that are applicable to this type of position. Your management of digital marketers may include these efforts:

  1. Use online timers or related apps to manage time, and ensure that each employee has a reasonable list of priorities. More than that, break down the priorities into sub-tasks that can be completed within short periods of time. This helps your stressed digital marketers to feel more productive.
  2. It may seem counterintuitive for busy individuals to take time out of their jam packed day for education, but this actually could boost productivity. Periodically, offer education sessions on the proper use of software and apps for time management, or show them better ways to complete general tasks.
  3. It is also smart to periodically analyze work activities. For example, consider which apps and tools are more of a pain than they are worth. Review aspects of digital marketing campaigns that may be wasting time without offering true benefit. When you make this effort to periodically clean house, you can bolster productivity.
  4. Learn more about the Internet of Things and how this technology may be used to improve marketing. For example, technology may be used to gather and collect customer data that could later be used to improve marketing campaigns. Data and analysis may also be used to quickly identify lags or weaknesses in campaigns and to develop effective solutions. This way, your team may remain more productive and focused.

Excellent Remote Team Management Tips

You may be aware of the many benefits associated with managing a remote team, but there are also a few challenges. Remote workers may feel the need to work exceptionally hard to prove their worth, and they may experience communication and collaboration challenges.

These tips may help you to overcome those challenges and improve productivity:

  1. Pay close attention to your remote workers, and look for signs that they are struggling in different ways. You may be able to tell when a remote worker is stressed or when they are uncertain about priorities. When you identify a potential challenge, reach out to the individual directly and inquire about current challenges. Your diligence and assistance may help a remote worker to feel more supported, and your advice may improve work activities for that individual.
  2. Another helpful idea is to host regular team meetings. The attendees for these meetings should be from the same team, so you may need to hold several different meetings with select employees in attendance. These meetings give you a chance to bring everyone together, to collaborate and communicate directly and to set priorities and deadlines.
  3. Provide remote workers a way to have watercooler communications. When your team can take a short break and develop relationships with co-workers, they may feel more connected and less stressed. One idea is to create a casual conversation channel on Slack.
  4. You should also provide regular feedback to your remote team members. Because these individuals are not physically located in the office, you may need to make more of a focused effort to do so than you would if they were in your presence on a daily basis.

Proven Efficiency Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you are at the helm of your company, you understandably may feel pulled in all directions. You may find it difficult to help your employees improve their work activities when you are struggling to stay above water. Use these time-saving tips to gain control over your schedule.


  1. Creating daily to-do lists can help you to remain focused throughout the day. When your lists are prioritized, you can ensure that the most important items are tackled first. Remember to break your tasks into manageable subtasks so that you feel productive and motivated to continue.
  2. Learn how to effectively manage your schedule. For example, include every to-do item and meeting on your schedule. Allocate ample time to complete each task, and give yourself for travel between meetings, to respond to emails, to make phone calls and more. Remember to schedule personal time and meals as well.
  3. Seek assistance from support managers, or hire an intern or assistant. You may have many tasks on your plate that do not necessarily be completed by you. Some may even be rote tasks. As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you use your talents in the most productive way possible. By delegating, you can free up time to run the company and to guide it into the future.

While you need your team to work hard and to put in a full day of productive work, you also need to help your team succeed in their positions. Each of these tips can help you to support your team in effective ways. They may help them to do their jobs faster, easier and better in various ways. Examine these tips more closely to see how applicable they are to your organization.