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Why GDI SEO Training Camp is One of the Best SEO Conferences in the Philippines

Posted byFervil Von

July 18th 2014

Why GDI SEO Training Camp is One of the Best SEO Conferences in the Philippines

This year’s SEO experience is unfathomable.

The food was great.

The venue was cool and very relaxing and the audience and set of speakers had overflowing ideas about SEO, online marketing and social media marketing.

It was a great eye opener for all the participants who’ve attended the event.

If I could rate it 10/10 and 10 is highest I’d say it’s 11!

Anyway, I wish to share you what we have learned in the GDI SEO Training Camp and why I think it was one of the best SEO conferences in the Philippines.

Slide Presentations of SEO Speakers

Boost your business’ online visibility and SEO skills with what the speakers has to offer.


Gary Viray


Gary explains the reasoning and scientific approach on measuring success of your campaigns – not just on the side of SEO but also applicable on any business aspect of your small company.

How to Set Straight Your Online (SEO) Campaigns with Killer KPIs

Fervil Von Tripoli


most people are having hard times on finding the right keywords for their sites. I discussed a more simplified concept in doing seo keyword research without having too much premium SEO tools to use.

Expand your creativity and learn the best strategies in finding profitable keywords and dream niches.

Mastering Keyword Research: A Detailed Guide On Keyword and Niche Researching


Jason Acidre


Getting some marketing clients is somehow easier than delivering what you’d be promising.

Jason Acidre shared his style of running effective SEO campaigns and the SEO process they are implementing at Xight Interactive.

It’s simply not about getting the deals you’re okay with… its about having a good business partnership with your clients and making them happy for long term.

Win With Simple SEO Processes


Glen Dimaandal


Glen profoundly discussed the power of the SEO tool Screaming Frog to make your SEO audit work more productive and efficient specially when doing it on bigger sites.

Glen also shared some neat tricks on how to use Screaming Frog to fight Google updates by cleaning up your site’s link profile and use the tool when doing site migration.

Technical SEO Audit with Screaming Frog


Roel Manarang


Roel Manarang shares insider tips on how to make social media work for you when it comes to getting sales leads and profit.

Escalate your online marketing campaign by promoting your site through top social media platforms and learn these 5 smart social media marketing tips.

5 Tips on How to Be Profitable Using Social Media Marketing


Grant Merriel


Grant was too kind to make this as the title of his presentation but it literally comprised everything about “the process”.

Because when you don’t have any process you could follow, your SEO information doesn’t mean anything at all.

A great guide on scaling KPI’s and making a process in SEO and business building.

 Shut Up and Process It


Jayson Bagio


You might have heard about broken link building because it’s is oftenly practiced by many SEO’s across the globe and it gives out spectacular results but really, how do you do broken link building?

Jayson expounds the concept of broken link building and the process of acquiring high quality backlinks using this kind of method in link building/SEO.

4 Easy Steps to Master Broken Link Building


Valerie Joy Deveza


Without proper goals and objectives, measuring social media success is obviously impossible.

Valerie’s topnotch presentation will walk you through setting up your goals and attaining those goals through an actionable social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing Roadmap


Venchito Tampon Jr.


Venchito discussed some winning SEO strategies using the concept of guest blogging that’s very applicable to your link building campaigns.

Obviously, guest blogging is not dead.

Learn how to use it right and win some results with the help of Venchito’s presentation.

Guest Blogging Strategy That Will Take You Into The Next Level
(Plus Other Link Building Tips)

SEO Bonus

It’s not everyday that you will see more than 70 brilliant digital marketing enthusiasts in the same room.

I took the opportunity to meet and greet some of the SEO attendees.

It was the perfect time to drink, do business and learn lots of stuff about search engine marketing, digital marketing, and social media trends.

We actually had the event’s discussion extended over beer bottles at past 2 AM.

So if you’d ask me, “hey Fervil, is it worth to join SEO conferences in the Philippines like the GDI SEO training camp?”

That’s a no-brainer question man.

You SHOULD if you could!

Never miss the opportunity to ask people about your SEO questions.

I highly encourage everyone to attend seminars and events just like the GDI SEO training camp.

The information you will get is just priceless.

One of the best part about seminars/training camps is getting connected with real smart people and building long term business relationships.

Bound For Home

Before I left Metro Manila, I had an awesome night session with Grant Merriel, Nimrod Flores and Gary Viray at BGC, Taguig.

It was a GREAT experience to exchange ideas with these folks.

I cannot thank them enough because despite their hectic schedule, they really spent quality time sharing their thoughts on building businesses, digital marketing and SEO.

My stay in Metro Manila was totally worth it.

The digital marketing landscape and SEO in the Philippines is growing every year.

I’m also excited to know what’s gonna come next.

There’s a plan to have a GDI 2.0 next year which will be called PeepCon (still fluid but it will roll out).

The goal of this event is to get people learn SEO at a very attainable budget.