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4 Painful Reasons Why Small Business Owners Stop Investing in SEO

Posted byDan Radak

December 19th 2017

4 Painful Reasons Why Small Business Owners Stop Investing in SEO

SEO, as an industry, is still going strong.

As the Borrell Associates report states, it’s currently worth over 65 billion dollars. According to their findings, this number will continue to grow substantially in the upcoming years.

By the end of 2018, it is estimated that the industry will be worth an impressive 72 billion. And by 2020 – around 79 billion.

Assuming that these projections are at least roughly accurate, this means that SEO isn’t likely to go away.

At least not in the near future.

The above-written estimates indicate that SEO is a promising field and that more and more businesses, regardless of their size and stature, will start/continue to invest in this form of marketing in the near future.

However, despite these predictions and claims, there are still a lot of people out there who have failed to achieve meaningful results in this department and have thus decided to put a stop to their SEO-related efforts and investments.

They are usually the ones who write and share those “SEO is dying” articles, even though their theory is full of holes.

But why is that?

What happened?

What are the most common reasons that get people to stop investing in SEO?

1. Frequent Changes to the Game

Regardless of the fact that SEO is a lucrative marketing practice, it is still very difficult for most entrepreneurs, businessmen, and marketers to master it. It is constantly changing and evolving.

With each algorithm update, Google changes the entire landscape, forcing website owners, businessmen, and marketers to once again fight for their rankings.

They are forced to reshape their plans and efforts to comply with Google’s new set of rules.

This means that if people truly want to achieve some noticeable results in this department, they always have to be ready to learn and adapt to the new order.

Of course, most business professionals don’t like that. To them, SEO is just too unpredictable and unreliable.


2. The Penalties for Bad Practices are too Brutal

As you probably know, since the last Panda and Penguin update, Google has increased the penalties for users who continue to manipulate the engine and pursue malicious practices.

If you, for example, continue to build links on bad sites with low-quality content, the world’s most popular engine will push you so far down in SERP that people won’t be able to find you with a magnifying glass.

Pursuing outdated tactics will rip your company’s presence apart and rob you of the traffic you worked so hard to generate for your site and pages.

These kinds of repercussions scare people.

Even though they don’t invest in malicious activities, a lot of business owners are terrified of the possibility of losing their traffic, so they stop investing in SEO altogether because they don’t want to expose their business to any unnecessary risks.

3. The Trouble of Calculating Exact ROI

When executed effectively, SEO can bring a lot of value to your brand and business.

In a recent study conducted by AudienceBloom, 94 percent of the 357 questioned marketers said they plan to allocate bigger pieces of their overall marketing budgets to SEO.

However, even though SEO has the potential of taking your business to the next level, it’s still a long game that requires patience, endurance and upfront investment.

It’s not like PPC. Search engine optimization requires a lot more effort to get exposed to your desired audience. Unlike the first practice, SEO does not stop giving the very moment you stop paying.

Your rankings might go down a couple of positions over time, thanks to the efforts of your competition, but once you earn those first page rankings – you’ll stay there for quite some time without any additional efforts or investments.

However, even though a lot of business owners are familiar with most of the benefits that come with investing in SEO, they don’t really care about them.

All they care about is making money.

The moment they start to doubt the return on their SEO-related efforts in terms of revenue – they abandon ship.

This is, of course, wrong, because you can actually track how much money you’re making or losing with SEO.

The only trick is to learn which metrics to monitor and how to interpret them.


4. Good SEO Requires a Holistic Approach and a Willingness to Collaborate on all Fronts

SEO can’t be done by a single person, a lot of manpower and experience is required to execute all the plans that could improve your rankings and overall presence in search.

Search engine optimization needs to be taken care of by a team of people who know what they’re doing.

Most businesses don’t understand that, so they hire a single person to handle all their SEO-related tasks. Once this person fails to do the impossible, these businesses start to think of search engine optimization as a hoax.

SEO is a complex field that includes a lot of technical aspects and marketing practices.

For example, you cannot just invest in link building and expect it to turn your entire business around.

Especially if you don’t have a well-optimized site. If you want Google to push you up the ladder in search results for your desired keywords, you need to focus on everything that the engine’s spider look at once it crawls your website.

Naturally, this confuses a lot of people. Most of them aren’t really willing to change certain aspects of their website or online business in order to comply with all of Google’s rules.


Closing Words

Thank you for reading this article from top to bottom.

I hope it has helped you understand how SEO really works and what to expect from your efforts in this particular department.

As you can probably figure out from everything written above, SEO is getting bigger and more competitive every day.

Even though certain elements may still confuse you, studies suggest that you should do everything in your power to hop on this SEO train before your competitors do.

The sooner you start investing in search engine optimization, the better. You’ll get positive ROI faster, make money over the long haul, and claim your opportunities before your competitors beat you to the punch.